About The
Bee Barn

Bernie and Arthur O’Reilly are the proud owners of The Bee Barn and have been keeping bees for 11 years.  During that time the numbers of hives gradually increased.  Bernie is a member of The Federation of Irish Beekeepers (FIBKA) and is also involved with the Breffni Bee Breeding Group.  With Mentoring and sponsorship from The Native Irish Honeybee Society, (NIHBS) The Bee Barn works to promote the native Irish black bee (Apis Mellifera Mellifera).


Why We Are Unique

The Bee Barn was developed as a first in class indoor learning facility to share knowledge and instruction on the craft of beekeeping.  At The Bee Barn, we have a state of the art observation hive, where a live working colony of bees can be seen at their daily routines, through the safety of a double glazed window.

The Bee Barn offers a unique interactive experience into the fascinating world of beekeeping.  We offer introductory Beekeeping Workshops, a unique experience to Become a Beekeeper for a Day, corporate bee hive sponsorship programmes, honey and candle making workshops and educational courses. 

The Bee Barn caters for individuals, schools, clubs and groups interested in the world of bees.  Click below to learn more about the workshops, courses and experiences offered.

Awards & Recognitions

Bernie O’Reilly was educated through the FIBKA education system, and earned her Practical Beemasters Certificate in 2019.  She has been involved in competing at Honey Shows both in Ireland and the UK, exhibiting honey, beeswax and candles.

At The Bee Barn, we strive for excellence and produce top class honey and beeswax.  The dedication to our craft has been recognised and has claimed many prizes at prestigious honey shows throughout Ireland and in the UK.



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